Why do we coat printed materials?

There are two very basic reasons why you might desire a coating on your printed piece, protection and visual appearance. Protection: Coatings are used to help preserve the inks that are…

Image Printing wins at the 2018 World Gold Ink Awards!
This year marks the 69th year of this annual and most prestigious international print competition. Of the more then 5200 entries received this year from around the world, the work of Image Printing was chosen as that exemplifies some of the highest standards in the printing industry in the world.
Our Brains Naturally Love Print

In 2015, Temple University neuroscientists conducted a study using MRI brain scans to compare participants’ responses to digital versus physical media. The study revealed that paper advertising activated the ventral…

Millennials and Power of Print

Millennials are usually considered to be the generation born between 1980 and 2000. It may come as no surprise that millennials spend more time on electronic devices than any other…