Millennials and Power of Print

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Millennials are usually considered to be the generation born between 1980 and 2000. It may come as no surprise that millennials spend more time on electronic devices than any other generation, including post-millennials. A common misconception tends to be that print wouldn’t be a very effective marketing strategy. On the contrary, many studies prove that millennials are diverse and yet traditional. That makes print and millennials a great mix. It’s important to keep in mind that print is fundamentally better than digital when helping us retain information, regardless of the generation.

Scientific studies show that the content on paper makes a stronger neurological connection then just digital alone. That is because print stimulates our brains and engages the senses in ways that digital content can’t. Some think that print costs more per impression than digital. But when you consider that quality of impression, an overwhelming majority (87%) prefer traditional birthday cards and greetings over emails or digital forms. Even events announcements, like weddings, which may originate on-line almost always are followed up with traditional paper or cardstock invitations. Among millennials, there is even a push leading to the revival of personalized stationery and greeting cards. It is almost as if millennials crave the physicality of print. Take this into consideration the next time you strive to reach this particular demographic. Millennials love print.

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