Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing allows you to adjust your direct mail marketing campaign and make it more personalized. Variable data printing helps you to create more direct mail pieces that target your specific market. Here are a few ways variable data printing can help your campaign.


Why just send out generic campaigns when you can make relevant information that appeals to each recipient.

  1. Increase Your ROI – Adjust the information on your direct mail campaign based upon demographics such as gender, age, or any other information you have on your audience. Custom information is more appealing and relevant to the recipient.
  2. Change Return Address or Phone Number – If you have multiple store locations, target the one that will be the most convenient for each recipient. Or, change phone numbers so recipients can contact various people within your company.
  3. Change Fonts –Mailing list data can be printed directly on the direct mail piece in a range of fonts so that the type complements your identity.
  4. Change Colors – Using color vs black and white will help to display your brand identity and highlight important information.
  5. Change Images and Maps – You can change images and maps using variable data printing. Show where your storefront is located near their neighborhood. Customize images based on a specific person’s demographic.

Why just send out generic campaigns when you can make relevant information that appeals to each recipient. Contact any member of our sale team to further assist you with variable data printing or visit

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